Sunday, April 30, 2006

A personal note

The readership of this blog, brought to me by, has continued to increase, and has reached a level of about 400 visits a week over the last month or so. I am very gratified and want to encourage readers to continue spreading the word, if not to give subscriptions to their friends! (Simply click the bloglet icon to subscribe either for yourself or some one else.)

As the readership increases I have done my best to continue posting at least once a week, but I'm afraid that next weekend will be "dark," because I will be attending a wedding.

My own.

For information about the bride, see

See you all in two weeks!

David Kaiser


Phaedrous said...

Mr. Cassidy,

I would like to wish you the finest on your wedding.

I check in on your site more than once a week just to see if you put something up unexpectedly. I enjoy your writing and find your view of the past and present refreshing and a useful framework in which to see our daily trials and tribulations.

I look forward to hearing from you once you are refreshed from your nuptials and are ready to return to work.



mark said...

Much congratulations !

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