Monday, March 17, 2008

New interview about The Road to Dallas

The excellent interview I did with Christopher Lydon, formerly of The Connection, can be heard
here .

It lasts one hour. Spread the word!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the book and listening to the interview. This not so much, although I expect you'd want to see it:

Anonymous said...

The book cites persuasive contemporaneous evidence to infer that Loran Hall was one of the characters who visited Silvia Odio. There seems to be no contemporaneous evidence, however, that Hall was a cell mate of Santos Trafficante at Trescornia in Cuba. That claim was made by Hall in 1977. (p 36 n 33). The only other direct connection I find in the book is that Trafficante allegedly vouched for Hall to other conspirators. (p 163 n 64) Hall also made the claim in 1977. Hall does not seem worthy of belief. Is there any other evidence that Hall knew Trafficante?

Unknown said...

I was especially interested in Kaiser's discussion of MS Excel as a research tool. David, do you have a template that you use? Where can I find out more about this.

Nick Cullather

David Kaiser said...

Nick--to get more information you need to write me at my email, below, or give yours.


Jim said...


I'm almost through w/your book, and if you could email me I have some follow-up questions. Thanks,