Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Last try before they call it

McCain now leads in NC; I don't know what remains to be counted there. I am sure, however, that Obama has won Virginia and Florida (incredible) and just as sure that Colorado is in the bag. I'm only slightly less sure about Missouri, where the exit polls show both women and men narrowly for Obama. (Missouri men for Obama! Who would have believed that?) Indiana looks lost, by somewhere between 2,000 and 5,000 votes. But it's an historic landslide, with at least two states of the old confederacy for Obama.

Just heard Pat Buchanan say that Obama carried white college graduates because they are the ones with money who feel threatened by economic collapse. Sorry, Pat. Those are the ones with brains.

Final prediction: Obama with 329.


J. said...

Pretty close - looks like 349, according to Yahoo. Let the healing begin.

LFC said...

Obama's victory was impressive (and I voted for him), but not a landslide as I understand the term.

Anonymous said...

Isn't nice to be wrong about the final electoral vote tally? -> 364 :) :)