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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More data on gays in the military

Those who followed my post on this subject two weeks ago will be very interested in the results of this poll of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Gay Dutch soldiers responsible for Srebrenica massacre says US general


David Kaiser said...

Dear Anonymous,

Try this.


Anonymous said...

Dr. kaiser:

I did. It's an INVALID link.

Care to post a valid one?

David Kaiser said...

How about any of the half dozen ones that appear on the page when you try the one I posted, which apparently expired?

Anonymous said...

dr. Kaiser:

If I knew the topic, I'd do it gladely.

Give me some more data/facts to work with so I know what to look for.

Anonymous said...

John McHugh reverses on 'don't ask, don't tell'

"Army Secretary John McHugh said
Thursday he could not guarantee
that gay soldiers who had revealed
their sexual orientation to him as
part of conversations regarding
the Pentagon's review of
overturning "don't ask, don't
tell" would keep their jobs, as he
had told reporters a day earlier.

More at: