Friday, October 17, 2014

An announcement


      Last week I was contacted by an editor at Time's website about contributing there.  She had become of fan of this site.  After a week's negotiations, we are apparently set to go. Indeed, I have submitted my first piece today.

      Have no fear: access to my posts on will be free. I don't expect to be posting weekly there, so when I do, I shall simply post a link here.  I had hoped to be able to do that today or tomorrow morning but things seem to be moving a little more slowly than I had thought.  If nothing develops shortly I shall try to write something else over the weekend.

       It is your loyal support over the last ten years (really!) that has made this possible. Thanks.



Bozon said...


Congratulations! Great news.

I have learned a great deal, just from following your lead, and some of your references.

all the best,

Larry said...

That's great news DK. May your blog at Time have a long life. I look forward to your pieces whenever they make it to your website.

peter forbes said...

Congrats! Your excellent posts deserve wide distribution. I look forward to and enjoy them each week.

Jim Rush said...

I also offer congratulations. Many of us consider your post a first stop on Saturday morning, not to mention two or three checks during the week to see any comments.

I do not have fear. I appreciate your not saying that you will not have time for your weekly post but instead we will have access to more of your historical writings.

There is no fear there.

Thanks for you and your success.


David Kaiser said...

I want to reassure Jim Rush and others who may have misunderstood. I fully intend to keep writing one post a week. Some will appear here only, some will appear in Time and will be linked from here. No change!

DAngler said...

I have followed your blog with pleasure for some time. It is always thoughtful, and always gives me new insights to ponder. I am so pleased that you will now have a much wider readership.


Rupert Chapman said...

Congratulations! I do sincerely hope that this means your thoughts will reach an even wider audience! You have a special place in my leisurely Sunday morning, and I then think about what you've said all week.

Unknown said...

Having read your blog for several years now, I'm so pleased to know you will be contributing to Time's website. Congratulations to you! More readers will have the chance to enjoy your writings.