Saturday, March 07, 2015

Selma and Da Nang

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Energyflow said...

So there is the linear response of politicians, similar to technological advances, which increases military involvement globally(after Vietnam pullback) and the response of a particular generation to a problem. Iraq I and II, afghanistan, cold war ii, asia pivot against China now particular response of boomers, Xers.

The spirit of great acheivements possible was similar in many areas. Sci-fi and tech dreamt of jetson like limitless future. Pre WWI Europe had a very similar feeling. Limitless idealism of technological and societal progress was shattered and the baton was passed to USA. The old world order was shattered.

America lost its innocence in Vietnam. The end of the cold war was the signal to the war party to try again to reestablish pride in US military. Iraq had been our ally against Iran. We attacked it after it mistook signals about Kuwait from washington. We wanted a testing ground for technology and a new policy. This was also a key central location for controlling oil flows. Iraq 2 was also a superfluous unjustified war of boomer generation to show strength, test weapons, military tactics. Without a powerful Europe, America had led a bipolar fight against communism. Now with a monopolar world massive US military had to create enemies on flimsy pretexts. In an era when eastern europe and Russia should have been rebuilt in a marshal plan, invited into a greater EU, and new security architecture, nato disbanded and US troops withdrawn from Europe, plans of global domination were made. The peace dividend was discarded in paranoid Dulles fashion. This is the problem of US policy. The war party always takes control. Even soviets, handled more intelligently could have been more quickly disarmed. Unfortunately on both sides one always is pushed by hawks. Paranoid mccarthy, mccain, brzezinski, nuland types(also in russia) force a hard line. One wonders about lost opportunities. Why support vietnam dictator(as in central amerivan coups) at all costs? Why the CIA coup for BP inIran or the coup in Ukraine. Europe has had enough bloodshed and the lies are wearing thin from breedlove, nuland, harf. Regime change is needed, but not in Moscow, Iran. War crime is unprovoked attack, false flags, coups. A global system based on rule of law would be too much to ask for, like expecting a lawyer, reading of rights, etc. in police custody. It seems that absolute power corrupts absolutely which is why Separate Eurasian security and economic architecture is necessary. Russia, China, Iran, india, brazil see the postcolonial ruler as no better, even worse than Europeans with arbitrary wars, coups, sanctions, propaganda campaigns. The anticolonial movement and antislavery movements were similar points in history. USA is now perceived in bright swaths of the globe in its economic and military policies as unjust, repressive, i.e. 'Evil Empire'.

US citizenry suffers just as much of course and will benefit from election wins of alternative parties in Europe, of establishment of public banks in US localities and states. Two party system in USA corrupt, unbreakable so local solutions, foreign resistance necessary.

Energyflow said...

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