Thursday, April 09, 2015

Doctrines from Truman to Obama

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Unknown said...

This is an excellent post, which is revealing of the Obama doctrine as it has developed over his presidency. Frankly, it was difficult to discern what that doctrine was before your article, except that it was not the George W. Bush doctrine - thankfully. The picture of Theodore Roosevelt suggests that "walk softly and carry a big stick" is much the cast that Obama has shown in his foreign policy.
Your criticism that President Obama has not artfully articulated his foreign policy mirrors his administrations failure to communicate in other areas. The American public is not fully appreciative of the ending of two foreign wars, the benefits of the ACA, the improvement of the economy, and other important achievements of the Obama presidency. This failure to promote and publicize has allowed the conservative political opposition to command public attention, hampering the implementation of other important objectives. Ironic that a president so capable of language that moves people has summarily failed to use the bully pulpit to full advantage.