Friday, August 14, 2015

Comning soon to a primary season near you -- 1968 II

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Skimpole said...

Given the nature of how primaries and conventions work now, Biden and Warren simply can't make the last minute entries Humphrey and Kennedy could. There's no particular reason to prefer Biden over Clinton, either on an ideological or an electability level.

Unknown said...

As always much to think about. But this sentence is way out of whack: "And both have serious vulnerabilities that pundits initially underestimated: the Vietnam War for Johnson, and the ongoing email scandal for Clinton." On the one hand a world-historical blunder that cost many tens of thousands of lives and tore apart the U.S. On the other hand... what exactly?

sglover said...

I'm glad to see Dr. Kaiser acknowledge that Clinton's e-mail problem has the makings of a genuine scandal. If memory serves, he'd dismissed it before. But there are real questions of national security and typical Clinton self-dealing in this episode.

And sure, it's not Vietnam, but considering that Clinton was hot to wade in to Libya, Syria, and probably Ukraine -- I think that together those three add up to at least half a Vietnam. Had Obama been stupid enough to follow her "thinking" to its logical end, maybe we could have got even more than a full Vietnam.

@Skimpole: I can't fathom how **Biden**, of all people, is supposed to be the guy to pull DNC chestnuts out of the fire. As you say, he's indistinguishable from HRC.

If Trump's ongoing performance art piece doesn't lose its novelty, a Sanders presidency becomes even more plausible.