Thursday, October 22, 2015

What Hitler and the Grand Mufti really said

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Unknown said...

Correcting the record. So good. So valuable. Thank you.

Energyflow said...

Taking events out of context of what happened to serve short term political interests is so typical of politicians. The capability due to modern technology to carry out such atrocities put paid to utopist dreams of a better world through human ingenuity. It seems satan loves industry, chemistry as well as angels like louis pasteur and other do gooders. Modern development is a race between trying to accomplish god through inventions and its evil side effects. Suppose everyone got a magic wand at birth. Would this be good or bad? This is technology. Drones, precrime, endless global wars, mental illness of vast parts ofsociety on psychoactive medication, overweight due to auto based lifestyle, social isolation due to electronicmedia. We used to be horrified by what Hitler did. Nowadays when someday commits a mass shooting often or the mild mannered president takes out a peaceful wedding party by drone it seems less relevant. Civil wars with millions of refuvees are commonplace. When sea levels are a couple metershighers and hundreds of millions flee plus crops fail due to california typedrought globally we will see that newcombe's steam engine was the pandora's box that allowed population explosion with wealth to go with it and tbe fight over space to live, lebensraum, totake place globally onan unprecedented scale and brutality, penetrating into a brave new world, 1984 type daily reality nightmare where war does not destroy. My magic wand analogy or pandora's box is apt. Monkeys are too immature, as we know from politics sociopaths climb thesocial ladder a lot quicker than others to get their hands on newest WMD as hitler or neocons in middle east have shown. There is always a new race of untermensch to test yournewest tech weapons on. In politics Hitler was not theexceptuion but the rule. Netanyahu is said to have an apartheid type state. Based on the sins of most governments and my current worriesabout mass immigrtion to Germany from middle east I don't want to be too judgemental. Human condition is not good generally. Forgetting past is easy andrationalizing currentmisbehaviour but if law of jungle rules then survival means taking last life boat and letting others drown. This is our future. Hitler will look relatively mild compared to the next generations of politicians with their WMD. Big cities in asia have 10-20 million people. One bomb there is 3 holocausts. If a billion or two die due to climate catastrophe as everybody has to drive and consume, pumping CO2 that is 50 times worse. Better we had left it alone with 18th century enlightenment, industrial revolution. But tinkering is human nature. Strange about a couple of the latest shooters in USA being markedly mixed race and maladjusted. I had read about AH's mixed jewishbackground and made similar assumptions. Cultural mixing is not easy, not everyone has a supportive atmophere in good cultural, stable times ssyou have had mr. Keiser with mixed ancestry. Life is constantly changing. Earth is an open ecosystem, like a rain forest. Tech accelerates results for good and bad dramatically, leaving little time for emotional adjustment of individuals, society to constantly changing situation. According to generational theory global crisis due soon. Let us pray hitler is not seen as an amateur after the crisis passes.