Thursday, November 12, 2015

Campus protests and national poltiics

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peter forbes said...

Thanks for this important reminder. The right will do what they can to exploit this trend to their advantage. I expect they will latch on to transgender bathroom use/confusion as a wedge issue, as they did same-sex marriage when Kerry ran.

Energyflow said...

I read somewhere an article discussing how it used to be other way around. The right had control over what couldbe said 50 years ago. Gay, black, etc were bad. Mom and apple pie good. Now minorities, gay rights must be protected. The left controls right of free speech. Free speach is now what the right is demanding, the right to speak their mind, offend others, who are oversensitive. The left wanted to be able to use curse words in public, film, have sexual freedom, violence on tv, film. They got all that, now drug use legalisation. What is next tabu zone or wave? Gay marriage is just a conservative copy of old forms. Interracial marriages means same as inter ethnic white mixing since 1900, i.e. blacks, asians, latinos become 'white' in 50 years. So with internet porn, legalised drugs, interracial marriages, alternative religions all normal only new weird horizons are tabu zones. Vegetable gardening and homemade cooking plus carlessness and not being online will probably be non pc. I stmbled across polyamory on a website, that seems a new thing which due to intrnet dating, transient relationships will break up current conservative monogamy, gay and straight. Future trends anybody? Yoga as people's sport. 8% already at it. With 8% yearly growth 50 million participants in ten years, as religion cum health solution maybe a transition form for western culture towards asian mentality of cyclical, non linear(scientific, judaeochristian worldview, endtimes, etc.). A future american would be a mixed racial freckled mulatto, slightly asian and latino yogi mystic catholic with lots of transient long to middle term partners live in and not who is into own production of goods locally, gardening, has no car, internet.