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Friday, July 22, 2016

No common purpose

My latest post appears here--back in Time, you might say. . .


Energyflow said...


describes the divide in west as rise of alternative right wing seeing comunist eastern europehaving preserved old values in 'permafrost'while the west became decadent PC, internatonalist.

White european search for identity away from post colonialist, post slavery,post holocaust guilt orgy ( dependent on where you live in the west) is a real phenomena. Each generation has to find its own inner purpose, just as 2nd generation muslim immigrants turn to jihad, grandchildren of colonialists, nazis,etc. feel no guilt towards third world and want to be left alone, not instrumentalized for boomer guilt complex to self annihilate just because they are white or blonde or christian and should hide under a rock in eternal shame.

I got an irish passport, moved to europe, married an eastern european woman. I read classics, learn lots of history, roots of global religions. As an uprooted American abroad discovering deper 'roots' and meaning behind historical, cultural, religious phenomena for myself in general and in terms of personal family history I belong basically unconsciously to the alt- right movement without conscious participation.

One cannot force one's religion on one's children as boomers attempt to force multiculturalist cultural marxism PC thought on post 1968 euro-american society. Rebellion is preprogrammed, just like since 1980 the economic elie took over and rolled back the New Deal, now the general population 40 years later is rolling back the 68 movement along with post war US hegemonic exceptionalsm which is all part and parcel. The war victory with UN establishment, dollar hegemony destroyed colonial, nationalist, white racial dominance. However, now that china, india, africa middle east are powers in their own right they do not need white paternalism interfering in their affairs, whether in the West among minority immigrants or internationaly. The West and its peoples want to close this guilt chapter as equal members of humanity without a permanent debt for what columbus, slave owners, hitler, hiroshima bombing, usa indian massacres did. We are also aborginal peoples within certain borders, just as chinese or africans or syrians with a right to certain cheese sorts, sausages, religious rituals, clothing and music. If these things are to be eliminated in an Americanization of the West where mcdonalds and mosques on every higway exit dominates then something of ourselves, our humanity will be permanently lost. Will I have to go to isolated atlantic Irish coast to find something of it in 50 years or to siberian russian outback?

Unknown said...

Hello David Kaiser - I happened on your magnificent, much-needed and wise analysis of several of the conundrums we have created for ourselves as we've rushed headlong into new eras and as we find ourselves at the doorstep of another ever more unnerving political season. Surprisingly confusing times where so much good can emerge parallel with so much wrong.

Sending regards and encouraging you to get back to me, if you'd like, to reconnect after all these years. Congrats on your wide- ranging and important work, and I'll happily try to link to your bogs to keep up with your thinking!