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Friday, May 19, 2017

Russiagate moves ahead

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Energyflow said...

One of my early memories is being an 8 year old tourist in Washington, visiting the capitol during watergate hearings and later Nixon resignation, WIN button campaign of Ford,losing to Carter for pardoning Nixon. If contact to Russia constitutes treason then I have been guilty of treason since meeting my wife in 1996. 27 million soviets died under Hitler, comparatively few Americans, Candians, Australians, Brits. America's postwar assumption of British imperial role against continental Eurasian powers has its own internal logic of survival of Anglo-American global hegemony in perpetuity. To me and likely to Russia and China, Iran, etc. this logic is similar to what Israelis see from muslims now and from Christians since forever and Nazi Germany in WWII, a permanent paranoid vendetta. Russophobia is antisemitism writ large. If Trump's marriages to slavic women is a similar sin of a southerner marrying a black in the old south then it is just pure racism.He is, in the sense of Neo-cons in 1865, a 'Ni***er lover'.God help America and the world if they keep trying, like the Nazis to kill all the subhuman untermenschen they can find or anyone who dared befriend or even talk to one or consider making peace with one.

Bozon said...


Great commentary here. Wonderful squib of complicated stuff I never really bothered to follow, back then in the Nixon era, very closely.

I know there may be those who think I am crazy for suggesting this, but I never thought Putin actually favored Trump, except perhaps to get us into more trouble.

Now, with Russiagate, one can even speculate that Trump may even have been rather set up, so to speak, for this fall, assuming for a moment, arguendo, that Putin was never really his friend.

Such contacts as have come out so far, and connections, are facts of globalist economic as well as political life to some extent, but these contacts may have been fostered, to some extent, it seems. After all, everyone knew that Trump was a candidate again...

Did Putin want him in office, or did he want him compromised and out? A question hard to answer, but it might actually have been either.

One thing is absolutely certain: Trump certainly has no power whatsoever over whether Putin stays in power!

All the best

Jude Hammerle said...

Dear Dr. Kaiser,

What do you think was erased in the 18-minute gap in the tapes?

Probably not talk of the Bay of Pigs, as Oliver Stone imagined, but maybe discussion of the October 1968 suggestion to Haldeman that he "monkey wrench" the Paris Peace Talks? It may have been Nixon's "highest crime."


Jude Hammerle