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Saturday, October 07, 2017

A radio appearance

Ten days or so ago I participated in a radio panel discussion in Austin, Texas, talking about many of the issues I talk about here.  You can listen to it here--it is currently the top of the list--dated October 6, 2017. Enjoy!
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Bozon said...

Interesting discussion. Thank you.

The author shares at least some of my views, it seems, although our library even now has no copy of this book, he likes a parliamentary structure, he sees many of the problems of the Presidency as themselves structural, he alludes to wider problems of branch coordination, and of the party system itself, implicated by his advocacy of parliamentarianism as a solution, his perception of a crying need for reform, and that the founders felt a need for reform at the founding, etc.

The colonies had wanted a weak executive in the weak federal system, and they had gotten one...

All the best