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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Who was Robert Kennedy?

This 50th anniversary post appears here.  I will supplement it later in the week.


Energyflow said...

Perhaps because he fought was JFK less gung ho on vietnam than RFK. Lincoln is similarly painted as a left wing anti racist also, although it was all nuanced power tactic freeing slaves. I for example like to see Dulles as to blame for a coup with LBJ as insider but that is maybe reading history backwards since hate of 'deep state' is now popular and the mafia uninteresting. So politicians of all stripes follow a sea of societal consensus at any point in time on what iscommon sense. Note how Trump is challenging unfettered free trade and unfetfered growth of money losing Amazon at cost of main street retail. Clinton and workfare were a theme in 90s as ghettoization was not reduced by welfare. So right and left move with time. Baldwin was gay black writer. Nowadays young people on the edge of social acceptance get sex changes. Acceptance of new themes/social mores take time, discussion, new generations growing up with new realities, technologies. Nowadays anti-imperialism, multipolar world is juxtaposed to globalist multiculturalism. So where Hitler/Mussolini were 'evil' in their day, current right wing leaders in Europe are seen as'freedom fighters' against cultural marxists trying to destroy national identity, export jobs, import 3rd world to Europe. So things come full circle but white hats and black hats switch places. I.e. dictatorial global power comes from left and Washington. Underdogs are 'deplorable' working class whites of Europe/America. Also sexual and gender politics is similar. Boys do worse in school, have fewer chances at university. Gays aggressively, vocally press their issues full time while straights remain quiet for fear of seeming uncool or rightwing freaks. So inertiia and initiative change sides as outrage grows from overkill, extremism from left. Traditional feminists worry about islam, jews about islamic antisemitism, both in Europe while mainstream partiss ignore extremist religious views due to worries this could bd read as racist. Black/white question in America has changed. War against drugs was excuse to reenslave mainly blacks literally in private prisons by millions and welfare holds them on govt control in redlined ghettos apartheid style(seen statistically from aboad by city maps of USA cities). US war politic is mainstream acceptance of perpetual undeclared police actions/drone killing across globe by whole political structure. Where are peace marches, impeacment calls against Obama, Trump for military aggression? How times changes. No wonder Russians, Chinese are wary when recycled T bills from trade surpluses land in Ukraine, Taiwan straits US weapons spending. Power politics pure. We were good guys against Hitler. Nos we kill indiscriminately, overturn governments, elections, propagandize everywhere. If Canada, Belgium, zimbabwe had a mission to control globe it would be laughed at.

Bozon said...

Very refreshing post. Thanks for posting it.
I know little about RFK.

However, from what little I know, it seems to me that he may have gotten his just desserts, for reasons similar to those of JFK.

Apparently Giancana, and probably other mob bosses including Triffacante, gave a lot of money to Joe Sr for JFK, and then JFK and RFK both just kept on screwing them all, especially Hoffa. I call it dumb and dumber politics, The Kennedy Fallacy.

Among the Irish so called aristocracy, in "Real Lace", the Kennedys were well known as betrayers, double crossers.

Although Sirhan claimed Kennedy betrayed the Palestinians, I know little about that claim, yet it seems unlikely that he was responsible for RFK's death.

All the best