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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The radio interview is now available!

The radio interview about A Life in History is available here. Enjoy!


Bozon said...

Thanks so much for posting this link. I missed the broadcast.
All the best

Bozon said...
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Ed Boyle said...

Podcast, radio interview is interesting format. Nice to hear live real time feedback from one of your contemporaries, a namesake (:. I find it interesting how the generation effect you described effected your contemporaries in a wave of distrust. My generation were of course beyond that and had mainly silent generation parents. As my father was older, a veteran of ww2, I had trust in his generation, having missed that wave and still having contact with that older generation. I also read history books at home when young though my passion was not as strong to study history, although it was a thought. My generation was obsessed in early 80s with business, cmputers, engineering. It is nice to hear you will continue with podcasts. Details of Kennedy murder are fascinating and alternative history under kennedy instead of johnson. The world keeps on moving of course and each new generation is blind to the past. Green New Deal sounds like a new hippy movement. Revolution ix in the air and the current establishment of banksters, neocons, etc are all to blame. Millenials to the bastille. 1848, 1989 redux perhaps. AOC is supposed to be on Time magazine cover. Next few years might really see a sea change in power structures globally due to economics forcing populations and governments into new realities.

Bozon said...


Very enjoyable conversation. Thanks for posting it.

Reading Ragano's book, it seems that the vendettas of the Kennedy's against Hoffa and Hoffa against them played a big part in JFK's demise too.

It also seems to have been a story, seldom acknowledged from what I can tell, of the Kennedy antipathy to organized, or unorganized, labor, an antipathy couched in terms of a crusade against organized crime in labor unions.

There was plenty of nonunion organized crime they also went after, as you noted, even though they had been paid off.

I am skeptical about them not knowing about Giancana's campaign contribution. It seems that there is little doubt that they got money and manpower support from Hoffa too, as Ragano's book points out.

Certainly Hoffa had friends in the mob who were also quite justifiably incensed at the Kennedys.

All the best