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Saturday, July 24, 2021


 The next history unfolding post will appear on Monday or perhaps Tuesday, July 26-7.

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Bozon said...


Here is note re the prior post, Woke Rules the Media, and others, eg The 1619 Project.
It helps to think of both feminism, and race relations, as separate.

Woke feminism is in a sense an oxymoron even for American negro BLM 1619 Project mulattoes.

Neither Jefferson, as you note, nor Thomas Paine, as Clark notes below, had a sense for feminism as a political issue.


Neither considered negroes racially equal to caucasians.

Neither considered women equal to men in what became the 19th Century leftist equalitarian vernacular.

The Declaration of Independence has traditionally been Whiggishly misinterpreted as an equalitarian tract across racial, nation state, and civilizational lines.

All the best