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Thursday, July 19, 2012

How the piano came to Watertown

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Unknown said...

Mr. Kaiser. Interesting photos. Are we to assume you moved to Watertown, CT? And that you moved a piano there? And play it? Did I miss a post that explains this? You've confused your audience, but I, at least, forgive you, given my interest in your other posts. :)

longitude said...

David, just saw the pictures of the delicate piano operation, and I just want to take the opportunity to say that I love your blog as much as I loved the way you ran your last seminar at the NWC. I also discovered your final lecture on Youtube. Looking forward to watch it tonight, as I missed the 'real thing' due to an FSP-trip. With regard to the location of your new home, does this come with a season ticket to Fenway Park ;-) Anyway, I wish you all the best, and hope for many more postings on History Unfolding. Kind Regards from your last German student