Monday, July 02, 2012

Dau tranh - it's real

Here is a remarkable story about conservative dau tranh in action. (If you want to know what that is, see the post on the topic from a month or two ago called "Struggle.")


Wally said...

Marc Lamb- I wonder how much he got paid? :)

I've been banned as well, but for offending the high school hierarchy. Ah, well. I'm the better for it.

Bruce Ross said...

Oh, really now.

I'm acquainted in real life with a few of those web commenters who seem like pure trolls. Sad to say, they don't need to be paid to parrot a party line. They've internalized it.

And it's sad, in some cases, because they're often otherwise charming and decent people. But politics sucks the brains out of human beings. I believe that disease was diagnosed at least as early as Orwell's day.