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Friday, August 03, 2018

A Tale of Two Lawyers

This week's post, on John Dean and Michael Cohen, appears here.


Bozon said...


Great stuff.
Thanks for this article. Really set a scene then and now.

These are just a few questions I would have about the Cohen office search.
You have to admit, it sounds almost like a Watergate break in, but with some legal underpinning of some kind.
What was the basis for the breakin: legal, constitutional, and judicial? Presumably a judicial decision was made based on some claim of extraordinary need, not merely wanton desire to search.
What was that, what was needed. What else was obtained not under color of extraordinary need? Etc.
Paying off tarts is not an example of extraordinary need.
I am not asking you, but asking rhetorically as a comment here.
If Cohen were allegedly violating rules of practice, why couldn't they have complained directly to the New York Bar? Or had they?
All the best

Ed Boyle said...

There's no there there.(strzok to page)
Permanent partisan warfare on cooked up charges is destructive. As Trump is from outside of the political caste and not beholden to the donor network mostly it will continue. Politicians are beholden to their paymasters not their voters regardless of party. The DOJ and FBI bosses seem all to be dems so obstruction of repub congress and endless investigations of miniscule Trump back scratching is made while Bill and Hillary can 'get away with murder' so to speak. I think it is fair to say that no other president would be so badly beaten. He invites hatred by open vitriol, bad temper, self righteous obnoxiousness. Obviously dems are used to politeness not brash bullies like khruschev or perhaps Teddy Roosevelt banging shoes, going on safaris shooting elephants. It seems almost a cultural revulsion against a good ole boy from Australian Outback or similar.

This is perhaps however a healthy phenomenon, primal scream therapy for the PC left. Trump of course uses his bad boy image as a foil while doing elsewhere what he wants. This makes him enormously popular with society's losers, increasingly 90% of the population not owning inflating assets in stock market due to QE but suffering falling incomes. So keep hunting him and ignore what he is doing or hate everything he does, says. This fixation blinds one, makes strategic thinking, rational planning impossible.

The nonsensical Russophobia is just an extension of Trump Derangement Syndrome. In crisis times a bogey man is needed for a population gone half mad, like in Germany in 30s, Ukraine recently, Iran during their revolution. The Great Satan was USA. Russia is for USA The Great Satan (or the evil jew of old,etc.). Irrational beliefs ca use kneejerk decisions like WWI. Every rational diplomatic discussion or even contact with Russia is seen as devil worship by the press epecially when undertaken by Mr. Politically Incorrect himself. So you combine the great fears of hollywood slasher films, war movies, agent thrillers- a chain saw carrying backwoods racist hick killing urban tourists/travelers(Trump personified) combined with the evil KGB agent of every agent or war film after nazis went out of vogue in last WWII 60s films. It is all just subconscious psychological working out on national scale.

The reason generational cycles theory actually works is that national catharsis which is deep and broad enough holds a society in place for a long time. Nowadays noone has this depth left. Russia lost 3-4%, 5-6 million population through suicide, starvation in the 90s, after civil war, revolution, 2nd great crisis of century. Putin is God there. His system, Eurasian concept will stick. The West is disintegrating emotionally, needs therapy. TDS and Russophobia are part of this along with Trump's war on China(reverse Nixon with Russia).

Keep broad sweep of history, deep subconscious forces clear before you. Don't believe your clique's own propaganda.

Bozon said...

One can think of the situation, in a separation of powers way, this way:
An officer of the executive branch (federal) requests an extraordinary remedy (search warrant) from an officer of the judicial branch (federal judge) to search constitutionally privileged material under both federal and New York State constitutional, statute, and judicial rule laws, of an officer of the judicial branch (lawyer) of the government of the State of New York (Cohen), charged apparently with a federal crime or crimes.
All the best

Bozon said...

I should add, Cohen is almost certainly also an officer of the federal government, a member of the federal bar.