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Sunday, August 05, 2018

My MSNBC appearance

The post last week led to this interview today.  I do exist!


Bozon said...

Thanks for posting this interview.
Great topic.
I believe you exist, but it is only my belief, I can't speak for everyone.
All the best

Ed Boyle said...

Getting print and airtime in time and MSNBC shows that they are receptive to your ideas. We have heard that opposite ideas are censored/banned/shadowbanned. You complain correctly about conservative takeoover in so many areas and of universities being just the opposite. The media and techno info services are coastal liberal enclaves, TV, mainstream press as well. Preaching to the choir does not justify existence.

I am worried that Trump is repeating Hitler/Napoleon's roles in history with similar success. Let them eat cake and Weimar hyperinflation find their likes in the 99%/deplorables. In financial markets there is never just reversion to the mean but downward overshoot. So also with politics. Antiglobalists/conservatives want to reverse not just the welfare state but Nato/EU/global trade imbalances znd media/university dominance by the eft. IOW a total paradigm shift. MAGA means backtracking a long ways. Trump sanctions, tariffs on daily basis like drone strikes. This is not diplomacy. Maybe he can crash the global order this way and return America to a regional power by showing that it cannot succeed by crazily controlling the globe. GWB had feel of omnipotence militarily, Trump in business modus. But iraq is small fry. Destroying global trade, banking flows can create disturbances resulting in true pre war scenariox or reordering whole global system. Why he doe this is perhaps to be read in Navarro, Mackinder. Your witch hunt comparisons to Nixon are missing the big picture, missing forest for trees.