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Friday, August 24, 2018

On campus life, 2018

      Recently I have taken to glancing at the online Harvard Crimson, in part because of the lawsuit over Harvard's admissions policies that will be tried this fall (and which I hope to look in at.)  Its opinion section also features some interesting heterodoxy about identity politics.  This week, however, I came across another piece that got my attention, for reasons that will become apparent.  Because content is freely available, I don't see how anyone could object to my posting the text of the article, to being with, for non-commercial use only.  The article deals with another subject of controversy, the Final Clubs--originally private men's clubs, whose membership came largely from prep school students--which President Drew Faust tried to put out of business by making their members ineligible for prestigious fellowships.  Here it is.

Learned Behavior

Men control Harvard’s most valuable social assets. Partying at 1 a.m. at the Fly may seem outside the College’s educational purview — but it is certainly giving lessons in something.


Ed Boyle said...

It takes years to build trust and friendship between men or women and is a very individual chemistry or dynamic. Atomizing of culture leads to loneliness generally. They used to have communitty, multigenerational households, now nuclear families with one or two kids whose parents both work are normal. People grow up on microwave food and compjter games, lonely.

I live in Germany and I came across some youtube videos on polyamory behaviour, which seems popular in Berlin, other large cities. A lack of community may be now counteracted I believe by expanding the nuclear family to a greater group of sexual/romantic friendships. Monogamy coming from drunken hookups, general friendlessness in a very competitive world could giv way to more experimental behavioural models. Like in jurassic park, they were not supposed to reproduce but nature found a way. We are in an overcontrolled atmosphere like victoran middle class, not noticing alternatives and often living loveless,, sexlless as reports on Japan for example show. Perhaps a new generation will find a new way.

JillRocks said...

do you think katherine wrote her piece because she was concerned about finding a lasting relationship?

Bozon said...


Fascinating account. Thank you for posting it.

Having now seen the story (an old story really) on Harvard anti Asian racism, it makes sense to me that your article here, and my remarks on that, admittedly very different, admissions story, might usefully be read together, re aspects and perspectives on the unfortunate, and diverse, directions American higher education has taken.

I recall that you had commented in the past about admissions practices at Harvard favoring, non meritocratically, well connected applicants likely to enhance endowment prospects.

Collins' book, The Credential Society, coming out again soon, had dealt with this theme too, and the Chinese dove on it, only recently;
see my blog.

All the best

Unknown said...

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