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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Exit poll reading

The CNN exit poll shows Hillary winning with either 52 or 53 % of the vote. Not a ringing endorsement. She is also winning because the state is so incredibly old.


Anonymous said...

The old hate change, so they are determined to vote for 4-8 more years of the same old same old, no matter what.

She pretty much managed to get Obama off his real message and kept him parrying typical 3T-style shrapnel. I've never seen anyone so willing to play dirty and do it so openly, but hey, she's a VERY ambitious Boomer woman. What can you say?

I suppose you notice her message to the boys in Iran? The little thing about "obliteration?" That may be a bigger clue into Hillary's real personality than many people think!

Anonymous said...

What a pity that Obama was unable to close in Pennsylvania. Saw old Clinton hand James Carville and Bill Richardson on Larry King last night. Between the lines, Carville let it be known that the Clintons will pull every maneuver, dirty trick and ploy in the book to deprive Obama of his deserved victory and destroy the party in the process.

Anonymous said...

I dislike HRC as much as anyone, and yeah, that aversion is growing. But I keep hearing how she's showing her "real self" in "unprecedented" dirty tricks, and I just can't buy it. So far this just seems to me to be a pretty standard campaign between two candidates who are at approximate parity.

In addition, I'm not persuaded by all the hand-wringing about the "divided" Democratic Party. For one thing, the Dems have been about as goddam disappointing as I can imagine*. I just can't get all that worked up about the state of the party any more. But more important, while it's likely that an HRC candidacy will cause more Dems (me, for instance) to sit out November, the Republicans are just too hosed. The ONLY things available to the Republicans are sleaze and innuendo. They're pretty good with those, granted, but by the fall there's going to be so much angst and anger about the economy alone that the standard Atwater/Rove tactics are going to be ignored by a hostile audience.

I hope that Obama has some FDR-like mojo to draw from, because I strongly suspect that the current criminal regime has created problems that our simply beyond the capacity of our badly frayed institutions. I think that the Dems are going to find that all they've done is won a poison chalice. There'd be a certain amount of justice in the ensuing backlash, because the Dems should have been fighting the war criminals HARD since at least '06. Instead, they've chosen the timid, safe option at every point.
-- sglover

* As far as I'm concerned, Pelosi's refusal to pursue the CONSTITUTIONAL and NECESSARY remedy of impeachment made it official: The Dems are wholly complicit in the Bush-Cheney gangster syndicate's crimes. Nowadays I'd rather the Dems win because they don't go around gratuitously breaking things quite so much. But other than that, I don't give a damn if the Democratic Party joins the Whigs in oblivion.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic Party reminds me of Prodi's old coalition: it is really 2 parties. The Left (people like me, better known as rational anti-imperial progressives, who are about 30% of the party) and The Timid Center, which admires GOP unity.

We just saw Prodi's coalition dissolve, i.e., it dumped the Left and transformed itself in to the Partito Democratico and went on the defeat in the recent elections. It might have won with that crucial left percentage. (Indeed, the only bone tossed to the Left was the Italian pullout from Iraq. While in power, Prodi coddled the center, as one might expect.)

It is becoming quite clear that there is going to be a brokered convention, which, because of debts owed to the Clinton Family and an underlying desire to travel the imperial road, will likely proclaim Hillary as Madame Official Candidate.

This outcome can indeed discourage that crucial margin of Blacks and progressives from turning out at the polls.

So, there's the nightmare scenario as I see it.

Nur a.C.(too inconvenienced by logging in).