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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A note on the JFK assassination

Dozens of people are now arriving here thanks to Salon's reprint of Jefferson Morley's assassination piece the other day, which referred to my book, The Road to Dallas. I appreciate the mention but I think I should make it clear that what he said about the book was only 50% accurate.

The book, about which you can find more at the link at right, argued that Kennedy was assassinated by a conspiracy of organized crime figures. (Oswald did kill Kennedy, but he did so on their behalf.) It specifically said in the introduction, however, that the CIA had nothing to do with the assassination. The key organized crime figure in the assassination, who acknowledged his involvement, was a man named John Martino. Martino had in fact worked with CIA operatives on at least one major operation in Florida in the spring of 1963, as is detailed in The Road to Dallas, but I did not say, and do not believe, that any of his CIA contacts were involved in the assassination of JFK.

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Wayne said...

You always have something very intriguing to say, I like your writing style, very cleaver! Is this book already in retail markets? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Here's a good historical book you may want to pick
up for the Holidays.

Declassified Memo Hinted of 1941 Hawaii Attack


David Kaiser said...

To anonymous above:

Yes--that's why the commands in the Philippines, Hawaii, Panama and the Presidio had been warned that war was about to break out about a week previously. Admiral Kimmel chose not to believe it, as both his testimony and his behavior showed.

Anonymous said...

I am curious to hear your take in Hunt's "deathbed" confession...