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Friday, December 05, 2014

Battling over reality

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Energyflow said...

Nice new design. I read wikipedia on usa debtthen went on to stockman's blog:


Obviously you are correct on party grounds. The whole story is much more interesting however. Obama is doubling the debt in his tenure from ten to 20 trillion. The whole thing is a hopeless mess. See Japan for our future.

I read that "Whom the gods wish to destroy they make mad". This fits the right wing. The left is smarter but enjoys the good life on the titanic and think they can get on the last life boat. IOW join the plutocrats in gated communities or island paradises.

Energyflow said...

This posting linlrd by stockman is more direct.


Simple Mind said...

Zeigfeld created his own reality too, but at least he had the humility to call it Follies.

David Kaiser said...

To Ed Boyle:

"Obama is doubling the debt in his tenure from ten to 20 trillion."

I really can't go along with that one. Part of the problem is that I inadvertently omitted from the piece the deficit for fiscal 2009 (a Bush budget): $1.55 trillion. That's what Obama started out with. The extra trillion added to the deficit (almost) by the great recession is the reason for the increase in the national debt you describe. That extra trillion has now been more than wiped out by Obama and the Republicans.

Unknown said...

It was Newt Gringrich, for one, that started this "folly." When he spoke at the Navy War College in 1992, he opined that language was the key to politics (not his words, but my inference). He insisted that the Contras in Nicaragua were actually "freedom fighters." Just by changing the terminology, private and public opinion could also be changed. Evidently, the JCS agreed. They insisted on naming at that level all operational adventures from then; thus were born military operations "Restore Hope", "Enduring Freedom" and "Provide Comfort", among others. Language is the life-blood of social interaction; language can be, and often is, perverted to hide the truth.