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Friday, April 14, 2017

Korea, 2017 and 1953

A new post on the threat of nuclear war appears here.


Energyflow said...

And you thought the crisis started under W. It feels like 1938/39 we're whisling in the dark past the graveyard. Essentially creation of the US military pindustrial complex, post war financial architecture and precedence of US occupation of countries with unconditional surrender created a de facto default global modu operandi. This will only b broken by USA unconditional surrender.The hubris is too big. Vietnam shamed us.We are now trying to win back lost honor. So any war looks good. This trajectory only ends badly. Trump/hillary all the same.Now I dout if Brnie could have prevented deep state war machine. If America tries to conqur Russia /china on pretext unfder Trump in next several years the global postwar system and much of verythin els will be gone. But it seems US elite feed off own lies to increase ego. Reality is own echo chamber. They will not die off before giving it best shot at global hegemony. Korea then syria, Siberia, Ukraine build up then russia invasion from three sides. Southh china sea and china from south. What an old president raised on heroic 50s nonsense won't do in his final life's days to show the world he is still virile. Russians, chinese, Europeans lst war terribly, megadeath. American exprince was comparatively mild,ostively ended. Happy Ends are made in Hollywood. Eurofilms end tragically. Don't believe your own lies if you want to survive. Best case scenario is rapid destruction of US fleet plus financial collapse, followed b withdrawal of troops abroad, disarmament. Worst scenario is the generals not accepting this and pressing launch codes. Land war against Russia, China won't be accepted. Soft regime changes via NGOs, finance tricks is old hat. They wised up. Playing moral card is passe. It is realpolitik. Power play. Aggressor nation is prima facie clear.

Bozon said...


Very timely post. No one knows what Trump will do next.

There never was a good time to use a nuclear weapon, but if there had been such a time, 5 years before 1953, in 1947-1948 would have been a better time to have done so, not in Korea.

What I have called the Patton solution in 1945 would have been better than that.

Then we wouldn't later have been talking about nuclear war Korea in 1953, or any other time.

All the best,