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Friday, May 26, 2017

John F. Kennedy and Me

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Bozon said...


Great post.

Nothing like Senegal ever came up, in my life.

As one can see from my blog, I was fascinated with a partially fictional version of Africa, at 11 or 12, Burroughs' Tarzan series.

Boarding school,... great subject for someone to launch into, some day.

In some ways, very old school stuff. I never went, myself, but it was offered. The Hill School...

Maybe those following up on Primates of Park Avenue can dig some of these stories out...

all the best

Energyflow said...

Very moving personal account of a time when hope was still possible. From a global perspective in time and geographically we will see it later perhaps like Kipling's book Kim or a personal account of a child of a British viceroy in India at the peak of the British Empire. Due to inevitable historical changes Asia's influence must return to what it was before European colonization, proportionate to its population. The colonization of the Americas, Austalia, New Zealand by Europeans has naturally changed the equation considerably along with English as global second language, scientific humanism, capitalism, democracy as standards and spread of christianity into Africa, Phillipines. The roll back of our power is coming through islam in Europe, Eurasian political/economic/miltary counter alliance. Kennedy's assassination was, if not a deep state assassination, certainly welcome to them. The unjustified continual coups in Iran, Indonesia, Vietnam war, central and South America, support for Gulf Arab dictators is all in the same mold, showing striving demoracies, intelligent peoples in Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, South America that Kennedy and anyone else with good, noble, idealistic intentions will not be allowed to hinder the Heart of Darkness' inherent in the cancerous soul of empire building. West Germans and Japanese participate in the system only after unconditional surrender, on our terms. China and Russia must follow as puppet states or perish. The idealism that led to the colonization of a virgin continent did not, could not prevent the transfer of the millenia old mentality across the oceans. If the Chinese had colonized America they would have a more densely populated, intensely cultivated agriculturally, isolationist, cyclically historical mindset focused on Asia as we focused on Europe. An interesting fantasy history could be written. Our linear imperial drive is the dream based on boy's childhood fantasies of greatness from Alexander, Xerxes, Napoleon, etc. Once America has become old, tired, defeated, subjugated into globl system as an equal among many can it stop being the naive Captain Kirk on his Starship Enterprise imposing simple answers from above on all cultures as post WWII America has done. Greece, Rome, Britain, Spain did similar in their days spreading more advanced civilizational concepts. Now the student will become the teacher in Asia, Africa, etc. The time is ripe. Happy 70th.