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Friday, July 07, 2017

Anniversary reflections on the Sino-Japanese War

This week's post appears here.


Bozon said...


Quite a vision of the past and the present.

Great that you have a bully pulpit for this display.

Most everyone here, including even myself, would wish that your story here were true.

All the best

Energyflow said...

Open warfare in a borderless region is now limited to syriaq/mesopotamia. It is ikely that with economic/ecological/demographic/religio-cultural differences the middle eastern 30 years war will expand there as saudi finances collapse and they become more desperate to stop a shia axis. USA supports them due to petro dollar which gives America carte blanche on deficit financing.Russia/china want to hinder insurgencies in own minorities by wahabbi type salafists funded by saudis/gulf states/cia trained, armed so the WWIII proxy scenario is an opportunistic and cynical exploitation of muslims as part of America's Great Game in Eurasia. The other two areas of activity are Eastern Europe, discussed here last week, and the south china Sea, korea, burma, etc.(china border regions). Ukraine putsch, Nato expansion, Crimea annexation, Syrian war, attempted coup in Turkey, refugee crisis are to weaken Russia, EU resistance to American hegemony. Pressure on North Korea, south china sea skirmishes does same on other end.

Economically speaking Russian, Chinese gold accumulation, One belt One Road infrastructure plans, Russian-european gas pipelines, yuan, rubel trade, petro yuan for saudi oil, barter for iranian goods with russia all seek to integrate eurasia physically, economically so that an western war, embargo could be ignored and development continued. This also has attrction to EU, Japan, Korea as American economic growth falls. German ties, relationship to China, russia economically are very strong and American meddling costs jobs, profits, creates turmoil also in near east with cia, military involvements causing refugees flows, also in the Ukraine. This is neo con ideology, USA military industrial complex interests led. Europeans, Chinese, Russians feel this to varying degrees of severity. EU collapse, Brexit caused by this tactless egoistic behaviour. 9/11 was abused for expabsionism, as was Arab spring. Both created chaos. Ukrainian economic and political corruption was leveraged into anti russian madness, a distraction against own incompetence, as so often in history. USA MSM trying maidan putsch scenario now but president Trump(yanukovitsch type) is uncooperative although soros and co. do their best to paint him Russian spy, nazi, what have you. The color revolution has come home to America as the people's revolution, America'Arab spring went against the establishment candidates. At any rate your generation professor is stuck in a mind set, creating a global dilemma until you pass, then others will determine more flexible solution based on concepts for a new age undreamt of previously. It would be too early to say how this plays out,Orwell's book is a guideline(east asia, asia, oceania-permanent war, total surveillance) is now but peace, freedom would be better. Whose reserve currency, language, culture, system, goods, laws, troops, aircraft carriers will reign. Napoleon was blockaded. Can Eurasia be blockaded, , embargoed?