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Saturday, May 19, 2018

I hate to say "I told you so," but. . .

it seems that my speculation a week ago about Israeli and Arab influence upon Trump was right.  See here. 

You saw it here first!


Bozon said...

Great stuff.
What does the article mean by illegality of foreign govs or individuals getting involved in American elections?
What law or laws does this contravene?
I am sure there must be something, other than perhaps the Logan act, a real tar baby.
States and their agents intervening, overtly or covertly, in other states' internal affairs has long been a traditional part of international relations.
If one tried, I am sure one could find several other states doing the same kinds of thing, both for Hillary and Trump.
All the best

Energyflow said...

If the DNC hadn't been so busy rigging the primaries against Bernie Sanders,, whom we both could readily support, this talk here would be superfluous. Why did all the MSM cover HRC so favorably? Billlionaire owners perhaps with concrete ties to military, other economic interests which a leftwing candidate would not be good for. Being former prof at military university and 'diplomat's brat' from beltway you must admit to an inherent interest in perpetuation of USA empire, already criticized harshly by Mark Twain in Gilded Age. So your support, like MSM press, of HRC is inherently biased, like say a poor black voting Obma. Essentially the DNC and NYT are sour grapes hypocrites. Their interests are purely economic. They will in 2020 support right of center militarist democratic candidate against billionaire eccentric. Such a DNC billionaire's shill can be more easily controlled by the ric than Trump can be. The Saudis were likely hedging their bets with Trump. I bet they donated lots to Clinton or DNC Too. Blind on one eye people nowadays, especially when they are career democrats or republicans. Fake news is not just fibbing but ignoring whole parts of reality.