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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Further Ukraine update

The Washington Post has discovered that when the US government in May 2018 decided to supply Javelin missiles to Ukraine, the Poroshenko government had just closed its own investigation of Paul Manafort and stopped cooperating with the Mueller investigation.  It seems that this may have been an earlier quid pro quo.  It's appalling that no House staffers thought about this and asked then-Ambassador Jovanovitch about it.  They should.

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Bozon said...

One wonders how broad to make the discussion of such a point.

The American Presidency has been trading American economic interests for Cold War strategic and ideological objectives for a very long time.They typically tried to bypass Congressional scrutiny, and often were very successful. it was considered a prerogative of the executive usually.

Often, but not often discussed, were the party political aspects of this carrot and stick, quid pro quo, diplomacy.

Here we have the spectacle of successive administrations, Democrat then Republican, doing essentially the same kinds of things, also involving party political objectives side agendas.

So, in demanding Congressional staffer action, how far do you really think you want to go with that, given that the longstanding American system in place overrides traditional diplomatic channels of the old European Order system entirely, and also largely evades Congressional oversight by constitutional fiat?

All the best