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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Another anniversary

 It's been 59 years and it's not surprising that the November 22 anniversary last Tuesday passed unnoticed.  I want to commemorate it by offering up this extraordinary 2013 piece from the Boston Globe on the impact of the assassination in New England. The author was very young, but he had real historical/journalistic talent.  I can't remember exactly how he found me but I am very proud to have contributed one paragraph.  Do make sure to read to the end.  It really captures that very different era.

Click the link to open in Google Docs.  You probably can't access the proquest link unless you have proquest access.


Energyflow said...

Cried all through reading. Bitter. I once considered this in terms of the generational shift shock effect, how my mother, in the next spring, pregnant with me had perhaps higher stress level, types of chemical causing that in her system than when my elder brothers, born before the assassination, causing a higher alertness, greater cynicism inherent in myself and my year, 65. The day the music died, sort of thing. American Dream still existed but certainly this hope was rocked globally as well. If, as it seems, since then, that raytheon and CIA types coalesced to suppress peaceful coexistence in a similar cynicism to the broken promises to Gorbi, God rest his soul, then this was the Coup d'etat against democracy which has since been only a fig leaf of formality for the various state controlling bureacracies and fiefdoms, in a fascist existence(state- corporate dictatorship by definition) planned their imperial cancerous growth against the promises of true freedom made at War's end. Now, Sauron or the Evil Lord from Harry Potter was making his comeback, but on American soil, where global power had been transplanted from the old world. Our Heart of Darkness and Jungian Shadow has come to haunt us. Where every 3rd world govt with a social democrat experiment needs a CIA engineered coup or assassination we see the true source of Kennedy's death. A better smoking gun than this is unnecessary. Very unfortunately now the Democratic party has become willing flagbearer of such behavior in the name of human rights no less, twisted logic, while the rightwing, relegated to also rans in the public fora, lick their wounds, become circumspect and feel like the disenfranchised negroes of the 60s, treated as inherently 2nd class citizens, they feel sympathy with the devil Russia, against the brutal oppression of the authorities and their co- conspirators in media, corporations, against old and dusty values, so prominently on display on that tragic November day. Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay refused the draft to fight in an unjust war. The current conflict started as Maidan against our slavic brethren in 2014, CIA/ NED planned, financed, was forced further last year to enable a cutoff of Germany from expanding post war peace, thereby enabling Orwell's vision in 1984 to continue, a permanently divided world, regardless of the end of communism. Now they are too right wing for us and we are too liberal. In the 60s it was the opposite. Cui Bono. Sociopaths always invent excuses to get their way, justify assassinations and wars, as peace, love bring no profit to Sauron and his minions.

Historianwannabe said...

Dr Kaiser,

Not quite true that the Nov 22nd anniversary of JFK's assassination passed by unnoticed. Historian Heather Cox Richardson wrote a short piece on her Substack, although she had an entirely different take on it than the BG article you linked. Her short essay is linked below.